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14th January 2012

UDK Development Diary #4

UDK Development Diary #4

Time, where does it keep going?! :/

In the last few days I’ve been working on more of the background code which is relevant to the game mode itself.

Probably the most obvious change I have made is allowing a level designer to set-up waves from within the UDK without touching any code. They are able to change the number of waves and enemies as well as enimies health, speed, spawn time and the reward for killing them. Multiple spawners can be placed and can be set-up completely different from one-another.

I’ve finally added a mesh to the tower spawning gun so you can see what you’re aiming at! For some reason the mesh is positioned awkwardly on screen but hey it’s better than nothing. To go with the mesh I have created a credits system which dictates the amount of ammo you have. You can gain more credits from killing enemies.

Finally, and probably the least important thing, I have add a ten second delay before the game starts to allow the player to pick up weapons and place towers.

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