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20th April 2012

New Flash Games & General Site Clean Up

New Flash Games & General Site Clean Up

Over the past few weeks I’ve been cleaning out my computer and stumbled across some of my unfinished Flash games. Out of all the crap I’ve created over the years the only thing close to completion is my Tower Defence Game. So I uploaded it 😀 I also uploaded my zombie game which I’m making for A2 Computer Science coursework (At this current time it’s still unfinished)

I really do want to finish all my Flash projects but I don’t have time these days, heck, I don’t even have enough time to put up UDK videos.

It’s sad.

But hey I’m almost out of education so I can take on games development full time and hopefully start earning money. Wooo!

Anyway, I’ve also cleaned up the site a bit by adding a page that all my Flash games derive from and a page that all my UDK posts can be found under.

With all the Flash games on my site I’ve added some more in-depth info about each game because of their lack of completion I believe they needed some context.

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