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I'm Alex Knowles

Senior Software Engineer by profession

Game Developer by hobby

About Me
About Me

Hi, I’m Alex.

I’ve been making games in my spare time since I was 14; landed my first programming job at 18 and have flourished into multi-talented software engineer.

I’m well versed in the Microsoft stack and can professionally design, architect and develop software, websites, and apps. My best work is produced as part of a team as my passion, enthusiasm and optimism can be inspiring; creating a productive and high energy environment.

Jan 2013 - Present
CMToolkit Ltd (CEMAR) - Senior Software Engineer

Nov 2011 - Dec 2013
Decoy Studios - Developer

After attending a GameJam at the end of 2011, a few of us from our randomly selected team decided to keep in touch and collaborate on building games to fill our portfolios. We connected with a few other young and enthusiastic students and started a small game studio (total of 6 of us).

The studio worked on commission pieces and internal games / prototypes. We also participated in GameJams!

My primary role was as a developer, building games and prototypes in Flash, Unity and Unreal (UDK).

Projects / Portfolio
Latest Posts
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