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Core was planned to be a story/quest driven twin-stick space exploration thing. You play as a planet-sized experimental military weapon that has been abandoned by its creators. After floating around for thousands of years, a freak collision with a meteor caused the systems to reboot. Confused, and with no prior memory of the past, you must set out and find your purpose in the universe.

In your journey to find your purpose you discover that you can create satellites from scrap. These satellites can be used for a range of thing, can be upgrade and destroyed if enough damage is taken.

This prototype is very basic but provides you with two satellites (Machinegun & missile) and asteroids to shoot and collect scrap from.

Latest PC Build:
Latest Source:


XBone Controller

  • Left stick to move
  • Right stick to aim
  • LT to fire missiles
  • RT to fire machine gun

Keyboard & Mouse

  • WASD or Arrows to move
  • Mosue to aim
  • Right Mouse Click to fire missiles
  • Left Mouse Click to fire machine gun
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