Hi, I'm Alex Knowles

I’m a programmer by profession and a game developer by hobby.

I made this site to provide more detail than what I am able to fit on my
Resume / CV. If you would like to get hold of me or have a chat,
please email Alex@AlexKnowles.info

I also have a blog and I can also be found on Linkedin


My interest towards programming was developed at a young age. I used to played a lot of Flash games which led to my desire for creating my own.

Over the years I have become more and more fascinated with Web / UI / UX design and have bought my own website, Wacom tablet and Creative Cloud Subscription.

I spend most of my free time playing games (Xbox, Steam, Kong), building prototypes for game / website ideas (Blog) and drawing concepts that never see the light of day (I'm working on being a more confident artist).

I would describe myself as:

Random trivia:

Technical Summary

Below I have listed languages, software and other technical items I have worked with professionally or have embraced in my spare time (Some of these fall in both categories but I have listed them under professionally)

Professionally worked with:
Personal experience with:
  • - ActionScript 2 / 3
  • - ASP.Net
  • - C#
  • - HTML5 + CSS + JS
  • - MS SQL
  • - Visual Basic
  • - C++
  • - Java
  • - MySQL
  • - PHP
  • - Unrealscript
  • - Filezilla
  • - Flash CS6 / CC - 2014
  • - Git
  • - Photoshop CS6 / CC - 2017
  • - SQL Server Management studio
  • - TFS & Team Services
  • - Visual Studio 2012/13/15
  • - WordPress
  • - Blender
  • - Illustrator CC 2014
  • - Eclipse
  • - UDK
  • - Unity 3 / 4 / 5
  • - Unreal Engine 4
  • - Agile Framework / Scrum / Kanban
  • - DevExpress ASP.Net Controls + HTML5 / JS Controls
  • - JQuery + JQuery UI
  • - SQL Server + Data Warehousing
  • - Window Server 2008/12/14
  • - Wacom drawing tablets
Work History
2013 - Present     CEMAR
Role: Senior Software Engineer
  • Maintaining and optimising C# code
  • Ensuring consistency and quality of code via code reviews and standards
  • Performing weekly feature release
  • Leading and mentoring other members of the development team
  • Designing wireframes and mock-ups of web pages with Photoshop
  • Prototyping and building web page forms with HTML5, CSS & JS
  • Creating, maintaining and optimising SQL scripts
  • Rebuilt login, password recovery and account creation system
    • Added in a more robust user locking out system with timer based unlocks
    • Added in token system for password resets rather than relying on the ASP.Net email system
  • Built account linking system for users that had multiple account across different clients
  • Built a web service to allow clients to poll data into 3rd party software
  • Designed and Built Lead & Learn Module
  • Designed and Rebuilt Reporting module
    • Designed and built dashboard + widget system for users to see real time metrics across their portfolio of contracts
    • Designing and built a data warehouse to greatly increase the speed over the existing system
    • Optimised SQL queries to increase speed of acquiring data
I started out as a Junior Developer but as the company grew I found myself quickly move up the ranks. Due to the company’s size, I also found myself filling multiple roles which has given me plenty of experience with not only software development but SQL database management / administration and system infrastructure.
2011 – 2013     Decoy Studios
Role: Developer
  • Creating and maintain website/online presences
  • Producing ideas / algorithms for programming projects
  • Prototyping and building games in Unity, UDK, Flash and Eclipse with JavaScript / C#, Unreal Script, AS2 / AS3 and Java
After founding the studio with 5 other enthusiastic students, we won two major contracts through Net9Design to produce two commissioned games for EDF Energy’s newly opened visitor centres.
EDF were kind enough to send us images of the games being played
2009 – 2013     Net9Design & Clearweb Services
Role: Web Programmer
  • Creating, maintaining and updating HTML & Wordpress websites
  • Modifying and Updating Wordpress PHP plugins
  • Creating and updating website content
  • Creating Flash applications for website content
I worked for both companies during school summer holidays and after finishing Sixth Form I got a part time job working for both companies. My main job over the years was both altering and setting up HTML and Wordpress websites. This has given me a great understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript as well as basic PHP and an idea of how to work with simple MySQL databases.

I discovered that I learn by doing and then studying when I get stuck. This is why I went straight into a full time job from school.

2010 – 2012     Chosen Hill School Sixth Form
A Levels:
  • Art & Design:D
  • Computer Science:D
  • Mathematics:D
2004 – 2010    Chosen Hill School
  • Design & Technology:D
  • English:C
  • Information Technology:A & A
  • Mathematics:B
  • Physical Education:D
  • Science:B & C